Activities since establishment in 2013 - Annual meetings

The 1st EAFTA symposium was held at Hakodate, Hokkaido University, in Nov, 2013.

The 2nd EAFTA symposium was held in Shanghai, Shanghai Ocean University, in 2014.

The 3rd EAFTA symposium, 2015 Bangkok, Thailand (Kasetsart University).

The 4th EAFTA symposium, 2016 Busan, Korea (Pukyong National University) as a session of The 7th World Fisheries Congress.

The 5th EAFTA symposium, 2017 Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) as a session of International Symposium “Fisheries Science for Future Generation”.

The 6th EAFTA symposium, 2018 Hangzhou, China (Zhejiang University).

The 7th EAFTA symposium, 2019 Bogor, Indonesia (IPB University).

The 8th EAFTA symposium, 2021 Sanya, China (Hainan Tropical Ocean University, online).

The 9th EAFTA symposium, 2022 Nha Trang, Vietnam (Nha Trang University) as a session of The 10th International Fisheries Symposium and Asean Fisheries Education Network.

The 10th EAFTA symposium will be held in May.2023, at Iwate University, Japan.