There is traditional seafood culture in Asian countries. Enormous knowledge on seafood including basic and practical ones has been accumulated through long research history. Nevertheless, important proposal and information on the quality, processing of seafood from the view point of international standard are given by USA and European countries. Considering the situations, we Asian has not contributed a lot in this filed although we have accumulated achievements. Valuable knowledge remains within countries without being recognized. It is a time to propose the idea derived from our research and to lead the seafood science of the world.

European countries have their own and unique seafood consuming culture. They organized WEFTA (West European Fish Technologists Association) in 1970 for the international release of their achievement. Similar organization has been established in USA and the joint meeting with WEFTA has been held every two years. Unfortunately, there is no such organization to release the leading information on seafood processing and technology from Asia to the World. At the moment, the achievement by Asian researchers has been presented in various types of international meeting or symposium individually.

In 2013, proposed by Professor Konno Kunihiko of Hokkaido University, researchers in the fisheries field of universities in Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other East Asian countries agreed to establish the East Asia Fisheries Technologists Association (EAFTA) .

Establishment of EAFTA will be a great help to enhance the international release of the achievement on seafood science and technology in Asian countries. Exchange of knowledge at the meeting is useful for promoting the research in any countries.

Aim and Activity

To release the achievement in seafood science including processing, functionality, technology and engineering, aquaculture, economics and management to the world.
To host annual meeting every year to exchange updated knowledge by researches from all over the Asian countries.
To release the achievement of the annual meeting.


Institutes for seafood science in Asian countries no personal membership. (This form would be a final and an ideal one. There are many barriers to establish the organization. Tentative proposal is to ask scientists of Asian countries to have a meeting once a year).
Annual meeting

Annual meeting will be held in each country in turn.
Official language is English.
Registration fee will be attendee’s own expense.


Kunihiko Konno Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University, Japan)

Hu Yaqin Ph.D. (Hainan Tropical Ocean University, China)

Jiraporn Runglerdkriangkrai Ph.D. (Kasetsart University, Thailand)

Song Moo Kim Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea)

Yoshihiro Ochiai Ph.D. (Tohoku University, Japan)

Tooru Ooizumi Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, Fukui Prefectural University, Japan)

Mala Nurilmala Ph.D (IPB University, Indonesia)

Chunhong Yuan Ph.D. (Iwate University, Japan)